In order to add new floors to a house or repair a defective foundation, the “Rectify Underpinning Melbourne” must be used. This is to strengthen and improve an existing foundation to allow it to carry more weight. The process is often used to restore old buildings or for “pop top” renovations that add stories. It’s also common when converting condos and subdividing properties into units. You may need to underpin a house if it has cracks around the foundation or is planning a larger building.

The Reasons Behind

In most cases, underpinning occurs because of faulty or unstable structures. These foundations may be the result either of an old building or of ground changes around the existing structure.

As real estate investors add more stories to their properties, they will need underpinning. The foundation of a 2-story house needs to take into account the extra weight if it is to have a 3rd or 4th floor added. Such renovations are possible with the underpinning method, which maintains the integrity of the above ground structure and foundation.

There are many types of foundations, and they all cost different amounts.

It is important to note that there are many different underpinning methods, and most of them require the structural engineer to plan properly.

Needle Beam Underpinning and Pile Supporting Method

Underpinning a beam and a base is an advanced method (often expensive), which involves installing a cast-concrete beam reinforced with steel rebars, which extend into extra concrete piles under the beam. This technique spreads load-bearing stresses across multiple points.

Why Underpinning is Important

When the current foundation of a structure is either compromised by damage or will require additions to support additional loads, then underpinning becomes important. Underpinning helps to maintain structural integrity and fix any problems. The structure could collapse if it is not supported. It would cause more damage, and be much costlier to repair.

It doesn’t matter if the damage to the foundation came from an earthquake or erosion. Or if you just want to give your property more weight, it is important to consult an engineer with experience. Underpinning is a project that should be left to a professional with experience.