Containers can empower your team and accelerate innovation to quickly deliver value for the business. But with the opportunity also comes complexity. You can’t build or manage your own container environment. Simply ask: do you have the expertise and time to secure, maintain and upgrade your Kubernetes implementation? RHEL Managed Services allows you to reduce complexity in your operational environment, so that your time can be spent on creating and scaling your applications, which will add value to business. Please let us know how Computer Service and Repair can help your business.

A faster time-to-value and an increase in operational efficiencies

A self-service Dashboard provides clusters fully managed in minutes. It has a 90% increase in productivity of developers for deployment, testing, development and other activities. In addition, the shorter time to market allows for a focus on more value-added apps.

All managed services, including daily operations and infrastructure, offer flexible, consumption-based pricing.

Expert assistance and managed service offerings available 24 hours a day

RHEL manage services offer a financial back-up with SLAs of 99.9%, high-security pricing with automated features, and fill the gap in internal resource and skills.

Kubernetes reduces the cost of owning a system.

Red Hat fully-managed services: unlike many managed services available on the marketplace, Red Hat provides a full stack of management, including the Kubernetes controller plane. Our global SRE experts are also at your service 24×7.

Red Hat Managed Services provides more than Kubernetes. This platform offers features including monitoring, security and logging. Build on Kubernetes upstream.

Red Hat OpenShift is available across all major cloud platforms: Red Hat OpenShift’s Managed Services are offered on virtually every public cloud platform, giving users the freedom to choose which service best meets their needs.