Both are important. Although it’s important to be aware of both procedures, What you should ask when reading articles about lower eyelid surgeries Lower eyelid surgery can pose a more significant challenge. Lower eyelid surgery aims at removing bags below the eyes. It also gives a tired appearance. You should consult a qualified physician before you undergo any kind of surgical procedure. This article provides a list of questions to pose to the doctor during consultation. If you’re looking for the best eyelid surgeon, visit Eyelid Surgery Portland Oregon for more info.

What types of incisions would you like to perform?

It is possible to reach the lower eyelid in several ways. Some incisions, which are invisible, are made within the lower-eyelid. The incisions made near the lower lash line are virtually invisible when fully healed. This depends on several factors which can be explained by the surgeon.

How can I tell if the lower part of my eyelid is loose or not?

When performing lower-eyelid surgery, you should ensure the lower-eyelid is sufficiently taut. There is an increased risk that the eyelid will pull downward after surgery, causing dry eyes and irritation of the cornea. For the surgeon to determine if the lower-eyelid is too loose, he will pinch it and gently pull it. When the lower eyelid takes longer to retract and requires more than a blink to reach the edge of the eyeball, it is likely loose. In the case of a loose lower eyelid, it is possible to perform a procedure that tightens the lower lid. This could be done simultaneously with lower-eyelid surgery. Discuss this before surgery.

How will this operation remove my bags and wrinkles?

Patients with bags beneath the eyes are most likely to suffer from what’s called pseudoherniation. In other words, the normal eyeball fat has moved past the edge the the eye socket to produce the bags. Bags under the eyes can also be found on the cheeks of some patients. Surgery to the lower eyelids won’t correct these cases. A discolored skin can also be a problem. You should ask the surgeon whether removing the lower part of the eyelids will help. Usually, shadows under the eye are the cause of dark circles. Some times, pigment in skin is the cause of this discoloration. If pigment is causing the discoloration, you may need to perform additional procedures in order to remove the discoloration just below the eye.

How much time do I need to recuperate?

While the return to daily activities is dependent on each individual patient, bruises, swellings and bleeding are usually what limit it. Different surgical approaches will cause different amounts of swelling or bruising. Your surgeon will let you know how much time is expected to be spent away from your normal routine.