Many patients want to know if they can undergo facial palstic surgical procedures. It is not easy to answer a question as simple, but Preparing for Plastic Surgery Posts deserves a much more detailed response. The plastic surgeon is not able to answer many questions that are really crucial for the prospective patient.

There are other aspects to consider before any procedure of plastic surgery. I’m sure many others have also written about the preparation for surgery. However, I’d consider the following ‘big three’ as the ones that are in my opinion and experience the most critical.

You should first do some research to learn more about your desired procedure and the doctors who will be performing it. Although the Internet may contain a large amount of incorrect and misleading information, there are also many good resources about plastic surgery. Make sure you do all your homework and are prepared to ask your doctor good questions. If you only have a few minutes with your doctor, it’s unlikely that you’ll learn much. Take control of the education you receive and your own knowledge.

Secondly, do you have enough money to pay for the cosmetic surgery procedure? The majority of decisions made in the world are motivated by desire and not necessity. The ability or job of me to assess whether you are spending your money wisely is beyond my capabilities. The purpose of my economics education with patients is for them to be able to choose procedures that are ‘value focused’. You should also consider how much of a buffer you will have available in the case that complications happen. In the event of a problem, it is possible that you will need additional time to work or extra money. Keep some financial room in case you decide to have elective plastic surgeries. The most common reason for dissatisfaction from cosmetic surgery procedures is in this area.

You must accept the truth that cosmetic surgery may cause complications. I do not mean seldomly. Some plastic surgery issues are serious and difficult to resolve. The same as with car accidents, the risk of adverse results is not excluded from you. You are not exempt from the risk of adverse outcomes. Do not forget to include this as a psychological factor. Most plastic surgeries take longer to heal than people think. They are not as portrayed in magazine articles. Overcoming the discomfort of a surgical problem will be a longer process than most people would like.