UK Removals has boxes in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for packing up anything you have. It can be done quickly and efficiently. Bubble wrap, and other packaging materials, will ensure that nothing is broken when you unpack the box in your new house. Each box will have a clear label, which will prevent confusion about the contents. Extra resources!

Heavy Lifting

The most hazardous part of moving is the large furniture. This is a job that should be left to professionals. Expert movers are aware of the importance of bending at the knees in order to prevent putting excessive strain on the spine. A single person won’t lift an entire cabinet. The team will ensure that your furniture is loaded efficiently into the truck.

Move Vans

UK Removals knows the right way to load boxes and furniture into a van. Some items should go in first and others later. It is best to load the items that need to be removed from the truck last. The furniture in each household is unique, so there are no two identical moves. However, the most experienced movers will know how to do this.


After all the furniture is loaded into the moving truck, you can move the items to your new home. It may appear that driving the moving van is the easiest step, but it can actually be quite difficult for a novice. If you don’t properly load your truck and drive erratically, it is possible that things could shift around in the back, which may cause damage. UK Removals will not only load your truck correctly to avoid shifting, they’ll also drive with care because they know exactly where you are going.

The most common reason for driving problems is getting lost. However, the best drivers plan their route in advance so that there are no unexpected surprises. GPS will ensure that the right route is taken. The most experienced of movers have likely already covered the majority of the territory.


The job doesn’t end when the furniture is delivered to the house. UK Removals ensures that all your items are unloaded safely and then placed in your new home. It won’t take long to unload everything, since it was all loaded correctly in the beginning. The furniture will be placed in the room you desire, and all boxes will be put into their correct rooms.

No unpleasant surprises as all your items will end up exactly where you wanted them.